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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Traditional Costume Of The Iban (female)

Hello guys! :) Earlier this morning a friend of mine asked me whether I could write anything about Sarawak and it's people, costumes, festivals or celebrations, and etc. So as a start, I'm going to show you our traditional clothes. We called it "ngepan Iban"
This is the complete set of it. Usually the girl wearing ngepan is ready to ngajat, for her wedding or the gawai celebration itself

"marik empang" made up of beads and threads.

We called the set of bracelets and silver belts "tumpa"
The tumpa is originally made from silver, nowadays it is really hard to find the original one. So if your grandma gives you hers, keep it properly.

"sugu tinggi" 
> also made up of silver, nowadays the sugu tinggi that were sold on the streets most of it made up of steel or other fake materials.

bracelets a.k.a  "Tumpa"
tumpa is pronounces as tumpo

*handmade, I remember the last time I saw my grandma weaving the selampai is around May 2001.

silver belts with coins on their waist it is called tating kain

 during gawai we're having beauty contest also. The girl that won the contest crowned as kumang gawai.

the skirt that they are wearing is called kain kebat 

  "Ngepan Iban selalu dikena kami maya begawai sereta berami melah pinang. Bala indu iban ti ngajat ngalu temuai mega ngena ngepan iban. Pemansang menua udah nukar gaya urang ngena ngepan. Pengerami mega bebida ari tu dulu menya. Lebuh maya ngambat menteri datai nemuai ke rumah panjai mega kami bekena ke ngepan, ngajat ngalu temuai. Ngepan tu endang dikena kenyau ari kelia menya, dikena aki ini kami ti dulu suba. Nya alai bansa kami betuah bendar laban agi ulih meda perengka ngepan tu sampai ke saritu. Sugu tinggi digaga ari perak enti nitih ke ia ti bendar, tang pengudah rega perak ti makin mar, sugu tinggi digaga ngena perengka ti lebih murah." 


  1. Thanks. I was looking for information about the traditional iban woman costume and I found it. It was fascinating to know and see the beautiful ngepan iban.

  2. Hi Felicia, could you give me contacts of the seller for these costumes I will need to buy the sugu tinggi and all the imitation silver accessories, thanks.

    Email me please ninx.turner@hotmail.com

  3. Thanks so much!! I am doing a project for school at the moment, and I was looking for some info on the traditional clothing!! This answered all of my questions!! It was also very fascinating to learn all about this topic!!

  4. Also, could you please add some details about the clothing, such as; the material, the design, why it is worn, ect. Thanks, that would be a great help!!